Michael Wolff with USA Today compares the Fake News phenomena with New Orleans DA Garrison’s case against Clay Shaw

Gary Mack, Dallas museum curator dies at age 68

For those familiar with the Sixth Floor museum in Dallas, Texas, longtime curator and archivist, Gary Mack passed away Wednesday July 15th.  A plethora of web articles have gone up in his memory and quite a volume of commentary condolences have been posted. In the years since becoming head curator and archivist at the museum Mack was praised as a brilliant mind concerning the events of the JFK assassination, and was always eager to debunk a supposed conspiracy fact. Yet in his years before taking the job with the museum he actually publicly voiced an opinion of a possible conspiracy, then later leaving many wondering what had happened to bring on this change.  On the other hand though he was a catalyst for getting  mainstream attention to the Moorman photograph blowups which he always thought contained evidence of a person likely firing a shot into the motorcade. He fought hard in his later years to destroy any and all credible notions of conspiracy yet still seemed to hold onto his own finds, which he wrongly believed to have been the first to see figures in the shadows of the Moorman photo. He  always seemed, through his powerful public persona to swat away innuendos of conspiratorial evidence like they were Texas mosquitos, yet still all this time holding onto bits he always was said to be so proud of finding, which hinted at more than three shots fired. Most recently in the last couple of years it has been conclusively proven that when Gary used his influence to reject ideas that could  lead to proof of a conspiracy, he often resorted to all kinds of misinformation to falsely portray the museums’ and his later theory agreeing with the official story of the Warren Commission. Mack was a man of many faces and seemed to genuinely connect with minds on both sides of the fence, yet here we reveal the real Gary Mack, well, at least his contrived or manipulated TV mainstream media persona, which he  presented so gracefully on the screen. Yet this was not quite always the image that some researchers who debated or ran ideas passed him remember. We now know there was much more to his image, Mack was a most complex man who seemed to never be able to be pinned down, always seeming to stay one step ahead and having the last accepted word. Below you can read and see how this very public persona and personality were used to convey a seemingly quite false notion that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed President Kennedy. Gary later publicly embraced this as fact when he took the curator job with the Sixth Floor museum.